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Medieval Pin Up



Captioned Antique Cartoon Cards





@rap Quotes


Furst Edition has been set up to sell the many different card designs I have been working on for some time. 

In a digital world the market for cards shows no sign of stagnating or becoming something that children will look at as some weird arcane mode of communication. Instead technology has provided the likes of me with the tools to create old school cards in a modern way. 

I've started with a few ranges and some assorted stuff. The Mills and Boon spoof covers speak for themselves; they're tongue in cheek, slightly dark but hopefully amusing.

Then there are 8 cards that I have called Medieval Pin-Ups. These are physical collages, where I have taken various 1950s cartoon pin-ups and placed them into a variety of medieval paintings, trying to keep the colour palette the same. 

A car boot sale in Suffolk yielded the next selection of cartoons. A 19th Century Swiss book contained these cartoon images to which I have added my own text.

@rap quotes was born out of irritation at some of the laziness in rhyming. In a musical genre that lives and thrives on the strength of its rhyming, it is inevitable that there will be some woeful and amusing offerings. 

The latest range to have been created is having a poke at politicians. I bought a book on cards that advertised prostitutes in the phone boxes of London Town. I used them as inspiration for this range to Politart Cards (political tart cards) that depict major politicians offering special 'services'.

The Assorted page is just that; a range of collage and scanned images, from Bowie and Dolly Parton to D.F.L. which is a humorous take on the Dad's Army Nazi invasion image where its those coming 'Down From London' who are the seemingly endless invading force. 

All cards are printed on high quality 350gsm card and are retail ready, ie. they come in cellophane wrapping with an envelope . The prices are inclusive of P&P and I will endeavour to send orders out very quickly (2nd class post)

For print requests of certain images please email to discuss price and size.

Many thanks



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Assorted other designs